App Lock apps are very important for all mobile lovers. Either it may be an android or iPhone, security and privacy are mandatory things to everyone. Some people doesn’t maintain any secrets, if they have, they will directly do a call. Now the youngsters need these apps mainly. For everyone, android is a private gadget where we will store a huge data, which we can’t store it in our mind. Personal information like messages, photos, passwords and etc are not is shared for everyone. There may be financial apps which we use it every day for money transactions. In those banking or financial apps we store a lot of data. We will click a lot of pictures which may be personals, private, anything. We want to keep them secure. What to do then? Unfortunately iPhone lovers have to jailbreak the device to use the App Lock apps in their device. These times people are searching for

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But thanks to our technology you can secure your phone with just one tap. Security always comes to our mind when we save the password, personal photos, confidential documents and etc. But we aren’t able to do that I would like to thank our latest android technology that we can use best android app lock on our android device. We can get many Android app lock apps on google play store. While custom ROMs like Cyanogen Mod and Android builds from various manufacturers come with the app locking feature built-in, most Android users look for app lockers on the Google Play Store. So, if you are looking for app lockers on Android to lock apps with your device’s fingerprint sensor, we have you covered. Here are the 10 best app lockers for Android.

List of 10 Best App Lock Apps for Android

1. AppLock

Applock - best app lock apps for android

AppLock is the most popular app locker app on the Play Store, with more than 150 million downloads. The app has certainly earned that, as it’s also the best app locker for Android. With AppLock, you can lock apps as well as various Android toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data etc. You can even lock incoming calls or almost any Android element. You can also set up various lock profiles for work, home etc. There are also options to make sure that the app locking triggers at a certain time or location. AppLock also lets you add a cover like a warning message that says “the app has stopped”, which is one of the usual Android warnings.

Moreover, you can choose to hide the app, prevent uninstallation, and set up a delay for re-locking. It also includes a power saving mode, so if you use AppLock, you don’t need to worry about the app draining your device’s battery. Along with app locking, the app also brings a photo and video vault, and support for plugins. AppLock is certainly a feature rich app and it works flawlessly. The app does include ads but they are rare and of the non-intrusive kind.

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

2. Norton App Lock

Norton app lock- best android app lock appsChances are, you have heard of Norton, the popular anti-virus maker. Well, the company offers a pretty good app locker for Android. The Norton App Lock is a very simple app locker which should be a good choice, if you are looking for a free & ad-free app locker that just works. With Norton App Lock, you can lock apps by fingerprint, PIN or pattern. There aren’t a lot of options here but you can protect it from uninstallation by giving it admin privileges. There are also options to set a recovery email, along with a sneak peak feature that captures photos of intruders who enter the wrong PIN or pattern 3 times.

Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

3. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

AppLock Fingerprint - best app lock apps for androidApp Locker is one of the many app lockers for Android with the “app locker” moniker. The app isn’t very popular and it’s not hard to understand why. It has a pretty outdated UI but if you look past that, it has some really unique features. Apart from the usual app locking features, App Locker lets you set custom lock settings on a per app basis. So, you can set the primary lock method for an app to fingerprint, while pattern as the primary method for another app. Other than that, the app lets you choose a crash cover, set app re-lock delay and more. It includes ads but you can remove the ads by purchasing the full version of the app.

AppLock - Fingerprint
AppLock - Fingerprint
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free+

4. Hexlock App Lock

Hexlock App Lock - best app lock lock apps for androidHexlock App Lock is a fairly new app locker for Android that has gained a lot of traction due to its beautiful interface and handy features. The app lets you lock apps through fingerprint, with the PIN and pattern as your backup. There are various preset profiles like Work, Home, Party, Parental, School etc. but you can edit these or create your very own profiles. Hexlock lets you automatically enable a profile based on the WiFi network your device is connected to. Other than that, the app captures photos and saves the location of intruders trying to unlock apps. There are also options to set up uninstall prevention, app re-lock delay and more. While Hexlock does include non-intrusive ads, you can remove them via an in-app purchase.

5. FingerSecurity

FingerSecurity - best app lock apps for androidFingerSecurity is one of the best app lockers for Android, thanks to its sheer number of features. The feature-rich app lets you lock apps via fingerprint and you can enable the improved protection features to make sure that parts of the app and the app’s data isn’t visible in the resents screen. There’s also the advanced security option to prevent uninstalls. The app also lets you set a time out, which is the delay in re-locking apps, along with options to theme the fingerprint indicator, and more.

The app is available in a free version but it’s fairly limited. However, you can get the Premium version, which brings more themes, options, like the ability to change background of the lock page. It also brings options to set safe locations, detect intruders, set up a fake crash, and more. Overall, the app definitely packs in a ton of features but in my usage, I did face a few hiccups in performance, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

Developer: Rick Clephas
Price: Free+

6. Privacy Knight Applock

Privacy Knight Applock - best app lock apps for androidPrivacy Knight, designed by the Alibaba group, is an ad-free and totally free app locker that isn’t very popular but certainly deserves to be. The app lets you lock apps through different methods like PIN/pattern, fingerprint, face tracking or through a disguise cover like blow to unlock, shake, or a crash message. Along with apps, you can lock incoming calls with Privacy Knight. There are options to prevent uninstallation of the app, hide notification preview from apps like WhatsApp and secret door to disguise the app as a dialer. Along with that, the app captures photos of intruders that enter the wrong password.

The app also includes additional features like a photos & videos vault, the ability to check for privacy issues and clear browser history.

Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps
Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps

7. CM Locker-AppLock, Lock screen

CM Locker-AppLock, Lock screen - best app lock apps for androidCheetah Mobile, the developers behind the CM AppLock app, does not have a great reputation, all thanks to overwhelming app recommendations in their various apps. Having said that, the CM AppLock is still decent app locker you can use. The app supports fingerprint unlocking and lets you lock apps and settings like WiFi, Bluetooth etc. It also lets you set a delay in re-locking apps and brings the ability to capture a selfie of any intruder when 3 incorrect attempts are made. Plus, you can choose the background of the lock page from your photos or get one of the themes inside the app. CM AppLock is free and ad-free, so you can try it out.

8. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

keepsafe - best app lock apps for androidThe Keepsafe App Lock app is the simplest app locker in this list. The app features a gorgeous Material Design UI and packs in support for PIN, pattern and fingerprints. There are options to set delay on when the apps are re-locked, prevent uninstall and hide PIN touches. If you’d like to disable the app temporarily, the app lets you disable it for a few hours. The app is available in a free version but it features ads, however, you can make an in-app purchase to remove ads in the app. That pretty much sums up the app, I have used the app for quite a while and it’s as simple as it gets and works well.

9. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

App Lock Fingerprint Password - best app lock apps for androidAppLock – Fingerprint (yes, that’s the app’s name on the Play Store) is another very popular app locker on Android and deservedly so, because it packs in a ton of great features. There’s support for fingerprint scanner, PIN, and you can set different passwords for different apps. You can also set up profiles and make sure that the app locks activate at a certain time or based on the WiFi and Bluetooth connection. Along with apps, the app locker also lets you lock system settings, the home screen, rotation, and more.


Moreover, there are cool features like the ability to hide the app, remotely unlock a phone via SMS, “Observer” which as the name suggests captures photos on failed unlock attempts. AppLock – Fingerprint includes ads but you can remove them through an in-app purchase. Overall, it is the app to get if you love playing with a ton of options.

App Lock: Fingerprint Password
App Lock: Fingerprint Password

10. MaxLock – Xposed app locker

MaxLock - Xposed app locker - best app lock apps for androidMaxLock is an awesome app locker for rooted Android devices only. That’s sad but if you have a rooted Android device, you get some great features with MaxLock. The app is based on Xposed Framework, so you obviously need to have Xposed installed on your device. MaxLock is a totally free and ad-free app that unlike many app lockers out there, gives performance and battery the priority. The locking methods include fingerprint, PIN, pattern and knock code. The open-source app includes ton of customization options, fake crash feature, a MasterSwitch to disable it easily, ability to remove thumbnail of apps in the recents window, and more.

There’s a Premium version of the app as well, which you can get via a donation. It brings features like I.Mod (grace period for delay in re-locking), logs of failed unlock attempts, and ability to backup/restore locked apps list.

MaxLock - Xposed app locker
MaxLock - Xposed app locker

List of Best App Locker Apps for iOS

1. AppLocker (Password lock apps)

app locker- best app lock apps for iosWe cannot start this list without mentioning Applocker first. This tweak has been around since iOS 6, and it has delivered some of the best results I’ve seen. Applocker provides a solution for people who want to lock more than just their iOS apps. When you purchase this package from Cydia, it will allow you to add passwords to your folders and lock the home screen layout.

With the latest update, which has support for iOS 9 and up to iPhone 6 Plus, you can start using your Touch ID as a password replacement. If you don’t feel safe enough with just adding a password to protect your apps, the fingerprint can come in handy as an alternative. Keep in mind that Applocker is a dependant of Mobile Substrate. Which means it should only be installed on a compatible version of the tweak (MB). Applocker is now available on the ModMyi repo.

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2. BioLockdown

biolockdown - best app lock apps for ios, iphoneThe thing I like about most app lockers is that they’re very friendly with the default security features that Apple provided. In 2013, Apple released the iPhone 5s which introduces Touch ID. This option allows you to unlock your iPhone using the fingerprint sensor and that is it.Developer Ryan Petrich extends its potential by adding the ability to lock apps, settings, and switches on your iPhone using Touch ID. The BioLockdown was born to serve such purpose.

Just like AppLocker, you can use your fingerprint to secure any applications on your iOS device. Without it, the app will remain locked. No one will be able to delete it or interfere with the “app locker” itself. You can download and install BioLockdown tweak from Perich’s repository.

3. iProtect

iprotect - best app lock apps for ios,iphoneThis is tweak right here is very important and powerful. It contains similar features to the two packages I mentioned earlier. But it has an advantage of supporting the latest jailbroken firmware which is iOS 10.2. If you just used Yalu102 to jailbreak your iPhone, then this tweak will work on it.

Besides that, iProtect provides essential locking features such as securing your apps, contacts, photos, folders, and more. You have the options between using a password or Touch ID. You can go ahead and check out the review video from iDeviceHelp below.

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4. BioProtect

bioprotect - best app lock apps for ios,iphoneThis tweak was recommended by one of our reader on Twitter. Admittedly, we forgot to add it to the list when putting it together. BioProtect offer additional features besides locking your applications. You can prevent anyone from turning off your iPhone or making changes to the setting panes without your permission.

Developed by Elias Limneos, the same person behind AudioRecorder 2, BioProtect can be found via the BigBoss repo. Give it a try and let us know how you like it. With the increase in Passcode bypass methods and hacks, it’s important to secure and lock your iOS apps so that your privacy and sensitive data remain safe or at least not get to the wrong person. I hope those app lockers or known as Cydia tweaks will help you password protects the internal features and apps on your iPhone.

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Here as a result we came to a conclusion on Best applock apps for andorid and iOS devices. I think you have got a deep knowledge about the entire article. If you have any queries regarding this article, kindly post them in comment box.